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Restoration of the Palace

“Ex Pellegrini Carmignani Foundation”
Montecarlo (LU), Italy

The intervention was focused to identify and read the various transformations of the building with a
contemporary design of the light as a non-invasive component of identification. The lighting system characteristic is diversified by type of source (fluorescent and LED RGB) and for the design of the lamp bodies that leads to a twofold interpretation of space: punctual and sequential. The adaptation to the regulatory environment - which serves as a library, historical municipal and multipurpose spaces for recreation and exhibition - has been solved by minimizing the visibility of the fire protection systems, the partitioning, the air conditioning and the accessibility, in order to achieve the rigorous
requirements of Local Superintendent of Arts, without compromising the necessary functional and demands of the community.




Montecarlo (LU), Italy




MICROSCAPE + Studio Techné srl

photo @ M.Fibbiani + MICROSCAPE

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