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Lighting the façade of the Santa Croce Basilica

During the F-Light 2016 Festival, the new façade lighting for the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence was perfected.

This is a dynamic lighting concept that plays with the intensity and colour temperature of white light and that includes the new static light configuration.

Artificial light, in its impalpable immateriality, suspended between spirit and life becomes the element capable of triggering the deepest emotional chords of a community.

The lighting proposal theatrically energises the surface of the façade, creating an empathy, an almost "physical" contact, with the occasional passerby.

The dynamic light installation, performed in loop, is programmable according to various times and events, alternating with moments of static lighting achieving the dual effect of "lighting with emotion" and "lighting with illustration".


Lighting façade: CONCEPT


Florence - IT


Dic 2016


© Luca Petrucci

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