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Cycling & pedestrian track "Lotus Flower"

Massarosa (LU) - IT

The area covered by the project is part of the northern basin of the lake Massacciuccoli; until the 40s of the twentieth century the area was occupied by the cultivation of rice, then replaced in the late '60s by the Lotus' Flowers - today one of the largest camp in Europe. The Cycling & pedestrian track "Lotus Flower", in its length of 1km, connects the train station of Bozzano to the centre of Massarosa and it is an integral part of the system of the regional cycling routes dedicated to G. Puccini and places related to his life. The project had "zero" environmental impact, all used materials are natural, permeable and without addedchemicals that would interfere with the lives of the rich present fauna. Cycling & Pedestrian track as a naturalized architecture where “constructednature", with the passage of time, will hybridize with the "natural nature" while maintaining its legibility: Thin, bright, shimmering lines changing through seasons.


cycling & pedestrian track


Massarosa (LU) - IT





A. Bertini (safety & structure) +

N. Gallli & L. Aldiccioni (collaborator)

photo @ P. Savorelli

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