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Show arena and market area in the Central Park 

Follonica (GR), Italy

The urban project has been built as a real "landscape design", where the archetype of the Maremma dune landscape is linked to the terraced culture of the Tuscan hinterland. The project is thus a catalyst for the history, the life flow and the contemporary instances of urban ecology.

We have not created a model but a process that interprets all the components of the landscape as a whole: it is a system of elements connected to each other so that all the buildings represent a single structure. A weave of codes and signs identify the two functional areas, i.e. the show arena and the market area. The show arena is designed as a U-shaped artificial hill creating an open space in the landscape where concerts can be held for a large audience; the market area, in addition to fulfilling the technical role of a place for trade, is also the green lung of the city, thanks to the widespread tree and shrub vegetation.  The floors have been designed to have the largest surface possible permeable to rainwater.

The three wood “cabanon” contain a small kiosk-bar and public toilets.


Urban design



Follonica (GR), Italy





G. Byrne + PROAP + BMZ + D'Angelo + Darteni + Zambonin 

Photo @ Davide Virdis 

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