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New open public place:
Piazza Municipio di Povegliano

Povegliano (TV), Italy

The little Italian village of Povegliano, near Treviso, hadn’t a own square in his territory before the construction of Piazza Municipio. In 2006 the major announced a competition to choose the best project for their public places because the citizens need own space to imagine themselves like a community. The intervention is around the Town hall and it relates to the construction of square with cycle-pedestrian circuit and new street. In addition there are new gardens. Only at sunset does the square show its other face; conventionality is swept aside to make room for a playfulness. At night, the paving of the square becomes an ever-changing “carpet” of light, courtesy of randomly distributed elongated LED light boxes.


Competition Urban design


Povegliano (TV), Italy





P. Soligo (D.L. + safety)

Photo A. Castagna

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