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Heterogeneous Flowing

Thesis degree Patrizia Pisaniello

University of Florence

Faculty of Architecture

prof. A. Capestro

110 e Lode

Best degree on: 

"International Best Diploma Projects Show Competition anno 2005 _  class Design" 

R. Del Bianco Foundation

Pubblications: abstract on

- presS/Tmagazine n.15, 2006

- Anfione e Zeto n.18 , Ed. Il Poligrafo, Padova 2006  

- A.A.V.V. "Firenze_progetto a margine", Alinea editrice, Fi 2004


- 2005 "For an Ecological Future: architecture, environment e design" Accademia di Belle Arti, Firenze.  

- 2004 "Festa europea dell'architettura _ Gaudì", Rocca Paolina,  Perugia.

- 2004 "Metamorph ", Biennale di Venezia, libreria Mondadori,  Venezia.

At the base of this concept stands the fundamental relationship man-environment-society, which is the key interpretation for the dynamics upon which the urban project is articulated. In this light, the project is conceived as the systematic structure of the relationships found in the state of the dynamic equilibrium, such as the functional planning of habitable spaces with all its natural and social implications. The paradigm for such a conception is the city defined as “hyper-text city,” interpreting the hyper-text as the emergence of cognitive process, which is not necessarily linear, and in which any single user confers subjectivity upon what he considers important and permanent. This way the multiplicity of choice assumes the decisive role as long as the city identifies with the possibilities and references generated by the citizen-user. 

The hypothesis of connection formalizes itself as a circuit of co-existence between the connective flux of various vocational character: the circuit of exposition, infrastructure, didactics-recreation, and commerciality. If we were to consider the expositive circuit as the one upon which all others are based, we could observe how its divisive nature allows for the possibility of the non-consequential sequence of the events. 


Thesis degree


Florence, Italy



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