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Redevelopment of  Viale degli Ammiragli

Roma - IT

Landscaping design that includes the size of the garden and the park in its double declination. A place of limited dimensions capable of activating perceptions visual, tactile, olfactory synaesthetics that are typical of the garden with those of the park, a place that has the strength to reconnect and relate parts of the urban fabric of a city. Close and dialectic recursion between continuity and difference, in a path that binds memory and future in a relationship between collective identity and community relationship.

Despite the low economic resources made available, it is offered to citizens in the form of a new and requalified public space that through the construction of “rooms” for rest and relaxation, it is proposed as natural and possible “Extension” of the domestic space of a densely populated residential area. The Citizens will find a new opportunity for encounters and favored relationships even in the evening hours thanks to the identifiable islands of light obtained with grazing light through luminous “curbs” that characterize the areas where the seats are installed, these provided with a simple design and contemporary allow to vary the perception of spaces by introducing a new way of being together. We think and are fully convinced that public space is by its nature essentially collective and the quality and decorum obtained with the project will determine an instinctive sense of belonging.


Final, Executive Projects and Safety Project


Roma - IT







C. Canigiani,

Rilievi Poleis

3D Visual Artist

G. Schillaci

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