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Restoration and completion of the Oratory of the Guardian Angels 

Lucca -IT

The Oratory was built in 1638 by the homonymous Congregation, and for about twenty years it remained bare and unadorned. The first decorations with paintings and frescoes began in 1658. An explosion of colours and harmony. It was conceived striking a careful balance; the pictorial works of the Oratory are a paradigmatic example
of rich Baroque decoration and is itself unique in an urban context. The decoration with frescoes, stucco-work and paintings was carried out between the mid-seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries and includes the entire space of the church. Over the centuries, the Oratory became central in the life of the city thanks to its splendid acoustics, which made it a special place for composers and musicians. The Oratory has undergone a systematic restoration of all the painted decorations, the wooden decorations and the eighteenth-century organ; at the same time, all the technological additions were removed thanks to the realisation of the lighting system with LED source and luminaires on the wall cornice. The roof was renovated and the thermal performance improved. The exterior plasterwork and paintwork have been redone. The inner courtyard was covered with a light steel and opal glass cover. The two flights of preexisting stairs in grey sandstone have undergone conservative restoration. The covered courtyard has been furnished with a swivelling wooden desk that serves as a streamlined ticket counter. From the covered courtyard a ramp takes you to the area of the facilities for the spectators and the dressing rooms for the artists. The new system of pleated walls identifies the doorways to the dressing rooms and toilets as well as creating two seats along the circulation corridor.


Project, DL, Safety


Lucca - IT



2016 - 2020




© Filippo Poli

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