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Restricted architectural design competition for the new SACOI3 Electrical Conversion Station in Suvereto
Suvereto (LI)-IT


mimicry s. m. [der. of camouflage]. – In zoology and botany, strictly speaking, the adaptive phenomenon (called also, with an English term, mimicry) for which an animal or vegetable organism (mime) recalls the appearance or emits signals (visual, acoustic, olfactory) typical of another organism (model) (..).

Our design proposal for the cladding of the new buildings of the electrical station of Suvereto stands out for being a territorial intervention with a strong value

landscaping, where the concept of environmental mitigation is a real dialogue with the surrounding area of the Val di Cornia. The master idea on which we structured the design of the cladding of the building's facades Sacoi has a dual purpose:

- on the one hand (for the ground connection part of the buildings) to fit into a context landscape of value, emulating the simplified colors of the arable morphotypes;

- on the other (for the upper part of the buildings themselves) to reflect the complexity and uniqueness of the landscape at the same time lightening the visual impact of the new volumes. 

Much attention has been given to the aspects of environmental sustainability.  The choice between the various usable materials was carried out with an approach of integrated type, i.e. analyzing all the aspects that characterize a material, from production to performance right up to its end-of-life treatment. Right from the start, attention was paid to products with precise certification systems environment at all stages of life. In fact, it is preferable to use products with EPD certification (Environmental Product Declaration) in order to demonstrate the sustainability of the entire life cycle of the product. In particular, the possibility of "disassembling" the panels at the end of their life and putting them back separately in the production cycle it appears to be a great advantage in environmental terms.


Restricted competition


Suvereto (LI) - IT




Project leader



MICROSCAPE + CM2 architettura


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