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Architectural design competition for Sistema Ambiente Headquarter
Lucca - IT


The idea of applying the principles of green design, declining them in a typically Mediterranean urban and climatic context such as that of Lucca, guided the design of the new headquarters of Sistema Ambientale Spa, with the aim of creating an eco-sustainable building, characterized by high energy performance, (comparable to Nearly Zero Energy Buildings NZEB) combined with high levels of comfort in both summer and winter. The integration of nature-based solutions will make it capable of responding not only to the requirements of environmental quality, well-being and indoor comfort, but to represent an icon of good practices and high architectural quality on the territory. The building becomes a metaphor and architectural representation of the 4 four natural elements water | air | earth | fire, incarnation of the bio-climatic relationships present in an ecological and eco-compatible environmental system. Natural resources are used not only as building materials, but are combined with each other in a mix of architectural and technological solutions not only to improve the performance of the envelope and of the entire building organism, but to optimize the quality of use of the environments interiors and the microclimate of the entire complex. The context. The building is inserted in a typically productive area, devoid of quality and insists on a corner lot. The purpose of the project is to create a landmark, visible and recognizable even from afar, especially from the Brennero state road which runs parallel to the long side of the building and from which it is clearly visible (road layout which also coincides with the river bank ). The main front of the existing building (entrance) has an orientation of about 45 degrees with respect to the heliothermal axis; both the supporting structure and the envelope have typological and architectural elements characterized by uniformity, modularity and repetitiveness, texture and color typical of prefabricated elements, which unite it with the building typologies of industrial buildings present in the peripheral areas of our cities. It lacks a volumetric hierarchy, a functional articulation of the interior spaces, a connective and distributive tissue, an appropriate modulation of opaque and transparent surfaces. The concept: the porch and the central patio. The design proposal responds to the need to combine the different functional needs by focusing on a new architectural narrative: an extrusion of the envelope and a projection of the roof on the main front configure the large portico that marks the main entrance, frames the long strip of offices, and protects its glass surfaces, acting as a modulator of solar radiation and a passive cooling accelerator; the subtraction of the portion of the central volume allows the technical areas to be organized around a central courtyard (patio) with an internal garden, a real lung with a controlled microclimate which not only re-establishes a visual connection between inside and outside, but favors a homogeneous distribution of light and cross ventilation, ensuring better architectural and environmental quality and greater comfort in the interior spaces.


Competition winner,

Project on going


Lucca - IT




Project leader

CM2 associati


CM2 associati +

Studio 3Energy Associati + L2 Progetti srl +

F. Castellucchio + A. Conti


Bexlab DIDA UniFI


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