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Redevelopment of  G. Pepe square and W. Duarte Monteiro new garden

Roma - IT

The area consists of a rectangular lot, cut 2/3 by a portion of the aqueduct Roman called "Anio Vetus", and located between the Esquilino local market and the open space in front of the Ambra Jovinelli Theater, with its monumental façade, is part of a context of green areas well cared for as Piazza Manfredo Fanti, Piazza Vittorio, Tempio di Minerva. The area appears in many historical cartographies starting with those from a bird's eye view by Pirro Ligorio, dated 1551, to the “Forma Urbis Romae” by Rodolfo Lanciani, dated 1893-1901. Finally we find the area also identified in the Cartography dated 1925 of the TCI of Rome which highlights the tram network and railway crossing the city. Public space properly understood as an area of ​​relationship of the building fabric with the "void" and the dimension landscape of the isolation of an archaeological find in a part of nature that has been preserved within the city.

A bipartition of space determined by the transverse path through the park, identifies to the north the large green parterre that surrounds the aqueduct and gives it proper prominence and respect to sud organizes a micro area in adherence to Piazza Pepe characterized by the presence of one large modular seat in travertine blocks and a flowerbed with shrubs (agathea celestis, lavandula spica). The vast grassy parterre (with herbaceous fields cut at about 20/25 cm) is the real agricultural field on which a hydroseeding of wild flowers (poppies) in certain seasons of the year will give rhythm passing of the seasons and will remember the ancient vision of a place now buried in the maze of the memory. The area in the fringe of the square, delimited by a travertine floor "threshold_nastro" which rises to form a bench (provided in monolithic modules of solid travertine juxtaposed) to engraved with moments, events, characters from the history of the place, it is the place of meeting and relaxing where being able to admire the life and events that will take place in the square as part of it. The backdrop scenographic to the aqueduct and created with a row of cypresses that also include the plants of existing laurel.


Preliminary, Final, Executive Projects and Safety Project


Roma - IT







C. Canigiani,

Rilievi Poleis

3D Visual Artist

QARK + G. Schillaci

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